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7 Medical Careers You Can Work From Home

Remote work careers are quickly becoming a big chunk of the workforce.

And, while when you think of work-from-home options, careers in medicine may not immediately pop into your mind, there are opportunities available.

With the world being more connected than ever, and the increasing use of medical modalities like telehealth and telemedicine, an online medical career is no longer an oxymoron.

1. Patient Care Advocate

A patient care advocate is a term commonly used for phone customer service representatives for insurance companies.

Many insurance companies hire a wide range of specialists, ranging from people that have basic customer service skills, or nurses and healthcare providers that can help advise on cases and speak with patients.

2. MTM Pharmacists

MTM stands for Medication Therapy Management and can be a great tool to help patients better understand their treatments while helping to avoid overlapping or inappropriate medication usage.

Most pharmacists work on-site at pharmacies, but many MTM jobs are able to be performed from home while connecting with patients via phone or videoconference.

If you are a pharmacist looking to step out from behind the pharmacy counter, who loves the patient counseling portion of the job, MTM may be a good remote fit for you.

3. Telemedicine Employees

Telemedicine services often do not have a brick and mortar building for everyone to work from, and the patient visits are normally happening online, so a lot of the work is done by working independently at home.

Customer service representatives, nurses, pharmacists, doctors, and technology specialists are all needed to make a telemedicine platform work, so there is a wide range of backgrounds that can find a career in telemedicine and telehealth.

4. Medical Writers

If you have a medical background with a knack for writing or a writing background with an interest in health, you may be a good fit for medical writing.

This could entail reviewing and editing blog posts for accuracy, developing content for medical product websites and patient information handouts, or being the social media content writer for a healthcare company.

Most, if not all, of medical writings, tend to be easily adapted to a work-from-home environment.

5. Medical Recruiter

Recruiting for different facets of the medical industry is an often forgotten piece of the healthcare puzzle, but that does not make it any less essential.

All niches of healthcare need top-notch staff, so recruiters may be the key to help find suitable candidates for hospitals, pharmacies, insurance companies, or clinics.

Much of the recruiting work is done online, over the phone, or via a videoconference, so making medical recruiting into a work-from-home position is very possible.

6. Nurse Educator

Nurses who have great teaching skills can easily adapt their career into being a nurse educator for the many nursing programs available online.

You would be responsible for teaching classes, reviewing assignments, giving students feedback and guidance, and developing curriculums for nursing students.

A master’s degree in nursing is often required for these positions, but if you feel like helping nursing students learn is something that you are meant for, becoming a nursing student tutor is always another option.

7. Medical Billing and Coding

Medical billing and coding consists of the input of patient information and paring the conditions with the correct billing code in order to bill claims through insurance.

This may seem tedious to some, but great for those with strong focus and attention to detail. These positions are in high demand, and while most may require reporting to an office setting, some billing and coding positions are remote.


Work-from-home positions are growing in popularity throughout nearly every profession, including those in the medical industry. While some of these may be offering remote positions right off the bat, others may require a certain amount of in-office work before allowing a position to be moved remotely.

It may take a little looking and negotiating to help find the perfect remote medical career for you, but the opportunities are out there. Whether you are a nurse, doctor, pharmacist, medical writer, or have to experience with customer service, a remote career could be something to be considered.


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