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5 Popular Graduate Degrees for 2018

With many companies now requiring applicants to have a bachelor’s degree, obtaining graduate degrees and beyond can be a great way to stand out from the crowd. Many jobs require more in-depth knowledge than a bachelor’s education can provide. Additionally, many people who earn a graduate degree earn more money and find more fulfilling work after completing their programs. As of 2015, about 8% of the US population held master’s degrees. You can pursue your graduate degrees in just about any field, but some industries require more rigorous education than others, making some degree programs more in-demand. Here are 5 of the top graduate degrees of 2018, which can all lead to fulfilling and lucrative careers.   Computer Science Because nearly every field involves the use of computers in various applications, computer science is an excellent choice for postgraduate study. Computer science graduates can become software engineers, software developers, security engineers, mobile application developers, or pursue careers in a wide range of newer fields, such as data science. Because coding is such an in-demand skill, these fields are growing quickly.…