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Digital Learning: 7 Insights on the Future of Education

The way we learn has changed a lot. Although the vast majority of kindergarten through high school students still attend in-person daily classes, technology has shaped these classrooms and changed the way students interact with their curriculum. Older students at the university level are increasingly taking blended learning or full online classes while juggling other obligations, such as jobs and family. Digital learning is here to stay, and it is estimated that half of classes will take place online by 2019. So how is this shift affecting the future of education? Here are 7 of the many ways technology is helping us to learn and grow.   Learning Customization Students don’t all learn in the same way, and new digital tools can help provide the customization needed for success. For teachers with 30 students or more in one classroom, technology and digital learning can help to tailor lessons to suit each student’s level and needs. Using digital whiteboards, tablets, and other devices equipped with curriculum software, teachers can ensure that each student is working on lessons that are appropriate for…